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Frequently Asked Questions

 1.- Before Buying
Which proccedure follows a device before selling?

The proccedure is composed by 5 steps

1- Device reception from our suppliers.

2- First charge is done.

3- Functionality test.

  • LCD & Screen
  • Cameras
  • Proximity Sensor, Accelerometer and Compass.
  • Microphone and Earphones
  • Calls
  • Buttons (Power, Back, Menu…)

4- Unlocking if needed.

5- Finally we decide which is the status (Ocasión, Seminuevo o KM0).

Are devices Sim-Free/Unlocked?

Yes, our mobile phones are sim-free and unlocked. Further information is available at our Blog

Which is the difference between KM0, Seminuevo Ocasión?

KM0 devices are identified because it doesn’t shows any visible marks of usage. It could seems to a new device, but it is a second-hand phone, so we evaluate it as KM0.

Seminuevo devices are identified because it shows a few marks of usage, but they are minimum and they are located at the case or the back-case. It doesn’t shows any hits or sratches on the screen, but the marks are visible without a comprehensive phone analysis.

At last, Ocasión devices are identified because of being that one showing highly visible marks even a little hit on the case or a little scratch on the screen.

Besides we ensure it total functionality, so the marks or hits doesn’t affect to its functionality or visibility.

Can I ask for photographs of the device I will receive?

You can ask for photographs at any time. What happens here, is that we do not make any reservation with no previous payment. So if you ask for photographs without making a purchase, the ones you get may be different from the device you get. To ensure, you can buy a product and then ask for photographs of the one you will get, so you won’t have any unspected surprise with the device you receive. With this way, if you are not happy with that one you can cancel the purchase with no extra cost and save the returning of the product.

 2.- User Account
How can I sign up?

At the right-top of the screen, you have access to “Sign up”, click in and you could fill your personal information to sign up.

How can I log in to my account?

At the right-top of the screen you have access to “Login” button, click in and you could insert your e-mail and password. If you forgot your password, you can also reset it following the instructions.

How can I edit my data?

Log in your account, go to section “My Personal information”, fill the data you want to change and click the button “Save”.

How can I edit my address?

Log in your account, go to section “My Address”, in this place you have the option to upgrade, delete or add a new address. Don’t forget to save changes.

 3.- Cart Products
How can I add products to my shopping-cart?

Add one by one the products you choose to your shopping-cart. At previous payment page you could delete or upgrade the products on your shopping-cart. You can also add vouchers in this page. Before you begin the payment proccedure you will have to accept the “terms and conditions” and privacy policy.

How can I delete products from my shopping-cart?

Click on your shopping cart at the right-top of the screen. Select the button (--) on the product you want to delete or reduce units.

 4.- Payment
Which payment methods do you accept?

You could pay with debit/credit card, Paypal or bank transfer.

I choose Bank Transfer payment method, How long does the payment take?

Orders by Bank Transfer payment method go on cancel status after 4 days without receiving payment. Anyway, if it is received after those days, it can be activated again, only if offer conditions and products are available.

 5.- Invoicing
What information do I need for invoice?

We need:

  • Name or Business Name
  • Nif or Cif
  • Invoicing Address
  • Phone number
  • e-mail

Could I ask for IVA desglose?

This depends on the device purchased, because if the device is on the special regime of used goods (REBU), IVA is 0%. So ask before buying.

Could I ask for Tax-Free?

We issued a valid invoice with every purchase. For further information about Tax-Free, contact your Tax-Free service.

 6.- Shipment
Which is the deadline of my order?

Shipping are made from Monday to Friday, holidays and week-ends are not part of the deadline. The deadline is 48w/h from shipping validate, although 95% of our shipment arrives 24w/h after we send them.

How much shipping cost?

Shipping cost are 6€ for Peninsula. If your purchase is over 200€, they are free.

Do you send to Islas Baleares?

Yes we do, but contact us before buying at Info@restoreelectronica or 951 714 937, because it has a cost supplement and it last a little more.

Do you send to Islas Canarias?

Yes we do, but contact us before buying at Info@restoreelectronica or 951 714 937, because it has a cost supplement and it last a little more. Costs generated by customs is paid by customer, so provide a Nif or Cif to be able to pick up your package.

I haven’t receive it yet

You can see the status of your order at customer area.

What happens if I receive my product in bad conditions?

If you receive any product broken, hit or showing any incidence, please contact us as soon as possible to solve that incidence.

 7.- Shipment Tracking
I haven’t receive my tracking number yet, what should I do?

Review your account, my orders. Select the pending order and review tracking number. If it doesn’t appear, please contact us at

 8.- Cancel an order
How can I cancel my order?

If you haven’t made the payment yet, enter on your orders and select cancel order. If you have any issue or you cannot find the option, write us with you order number and the cancelation reason at and we’ll proceed to cancel.

If you have made the payment, please contact us at or 951 714 937 and we will help you.

 9.- Returns
Can I return an article?

Yes, you will be able to return your device until 14 days from the delivery date.

Would I have my money back? When would I receive it?

When we receive the product indeed the date, we verified that is in right status. Then we proceed with the issue and you will receive your money back within 30 days by the same way you pay.

Who pays the returning shipping costs?

Customer pays.

 10.- Guarantee
How long is the Guarantee?

Restore Electronica offers 12 months guarantee in all our products. Excluding bateries that has a 3 month period.

What guarantee covers?

Inside guarantee period we will fix any functionality defect of the device due to its ensambling. We can fix, partial substitution or total substitution of the device if it’s inside an economical criteria.

What doesn’t cover guarantee?

Guarantee doesn’t cover bad usage, inadecuate usage of the product because of an unallowed manipulation either deterioration of the product due to external agents like water or quimical products, dust, dirt or bad maintenance. Guarantee neither covers failures due to bad electrical instalations producing issues with voltage.

How can I use my guarantee?

You can contact us at Info@restoreelectronica or 951 714 937. We will tell you how to proceed.

 11.- Vouchers
How do I use Vouchers?

Last step at your shopping procedure you must enter the voucher code to be applied.

How many times can I use a Voucher?

 It can be used once per customer and they are not able for an issue neither accumulative.

What period is valid to use a voucher?

Vouchers are valid betweet published date appearing at our banners.

 12.- Customer Attention
What is our calling hours?

We are from 9:30 to 18:00 from Monday to Thursday and from 9:30 to 15:00 on Fridays.

Although, you also can send us an e-mail to and we have the compromiso to answer you in less than 24w/h.